Mixed In Key Flow 1.1

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Record creative DJ sets for promotion, podcasts, or just for fun.

Mixed In Key made its name on track-analysis software that determined an audio file’s key, so DJs could choose music that was harmonically compatible. The new Flow DJ software leverages that specialty, along with tempo and “Energy” analysis to suggest songs that would sound good mixed together. The simple software uses three screens—Preparation, Play, and Export—and breaks songs into Segments that you can easily string together seamlessly as a truly new approach to Djing.


Step 3: Before mixing songs from Flow’s Play screen, map a connected MIDI controller using Flow’s easy MIDI map assistant. Go to Settings>MIDI Controller and click “Customize it now.” Then just follow the instructions. You need about 12 knobs and 16 buttons on your controller to map all the available functions.

Step 1In the Preparation screen, use import buttons to bring music into the Flow library from iTunes or your desktop. Flow analyzes songs for tempo, key, and energy level.

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Step 2Double-click a song in the browser to open it for preparation. Create, delete, or move markers to create Segments, which Flow uses to mix between tracks or within a single track. Mark a song as Personalized when finished.

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Step 3In the Play screen, double-click a track to load it to a deck. The Dynamic Playlist searches your library and shows songs that are the closest in key, tempo, and energy as suggestions for the next song. Double-click one to load it to the second deck.

Step 4Start playback of one song, and click around the different Segments to mix seamlessly between them. Play the second track using the Sync button to keep it in time. Do simple crossfade mixes or experiment with the EQ and track volume for more complex blends. Repeat using the Dynamic Playlist for the next track.

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Step 5 When finished, select your latest DJ set in the Export screen and click Save Recording to Disk to name and export your set.

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