Mixed In Key Studio Edition brings the Camelot Wheel to your DAW

Identify your track's key with this VST/AU plugin from the harmonic mixing masters

The flagship Mixed In Key software is an entire workstation for analyzing your sample library, identifying the musical key and the audio cue points for any folder of samples you point it towards. But it doesn't mean much to the rookie producer if they don't know what key their current song is in the first place. Enter Mixed In Key Studio Edition – the analysis plugin that will tell you exactly that.

Placed on an individual track or your master buss, the plugin analyzes the incoming audio and displays twelve bars (from C to B), indicating the likelihood that what it's heard is in that particular key. You can then use this information to select samples to place in your track, or go back to the main Mixed In Key program (sold separately) and browse your pre-analyzed samples.

When using the plugin, you shouldn't expect a 100% chance from one key and 0% from all the others. Part of what makes music interesting is that certain 'close' key signatures share most of their notes and can be acceptable when mixed. If your music's in B minor, you might expect samples in E minor and F# minor to have a good chance of working as well.

This fact is also represented in Mixed In Key's Harmonic Mixing system, which uses the Camelot Wheel to indicate close keys using a coloured system of letters and numbers. 

Mixed In Key Studio Edition is available from Mixed In Key for $58. It operates as a VST or AU plugin and will be compatible most most mainstream DAWs.


James Russell

As well as being an Editor At Large for Electronic Musician, James also dispenses software news and views as the co-host of Appetite For Production Podcast, and tweets on Twitter as rusty_jam. You can find his 'collected works' at his website, XoverFreq.