Mixing Consoles

Packing the power of its flagship iLive digital consoles into a lightweight, affordable package, the T Series comprises the iDR-32 (32 mic/line inputs, 16 outs) or iDR-48 (48 mic/line ins and 24

Sometimes you just don''t need tons of inputs and a lot of complicated features. If you just want to mix a few different audio sources including all kinds of mics, line-level and guitar-level instruments, and even a tape deck and then record it all in stereo, CD-quality resolution, you need to check out the new MultiMix 4 USB. This compact mixer is perfect for using in recording setups, video editing and production studios, and portable podcasting setups.

Packing the power of its flagship iLive digital consoles into a lightweight, affordable package, the T Series comprises the iDR-32 (32 mic/line inputs, 16 outs) or iDR-48 (48 mic/line ins and 24 outs) MixRacks with either the iLive-T80 or iLive-T112 mix controllers. The mix surfaces boast touchscreen control and add another 8-in/8-out and 16-in/12-out, respectively, providing 40-in/24-out to 64-in/36-out systems with eight stereo FX engines and full dynamics/EQ/delay on all channels and a single Cat-5 cable linking controller and MixRack. All settings can be transferred/stored via USB. Booth #6474, Hall A

Allen & Heath announces the XONE:22 entry-level DJ mixer. This 2-channel analog DJ mixer offers high-quality audio and a professional feature set at an entry-level price. The smallest and most affordable Xone mixer to date, the Xone:22 is equipped with Allen & Heath''s characteristic sound and build quality, and professional-grade features that would normally be found in the booth of a top-rated club. Booth #6474, Hall A

Ultralow-noise design, 32-input 8-bus studio/live mixer with XENYX mic preamps and British EQs. Designed for studio, live, front-of-house, monitor, corporate and touring audio applications. Neo-classic "British" 4-band EQ (stereo channels) and 3-band EQ with semi-parametric mid-band (mono channels). Eight aux sends per channel: four pre/post-fader switchable for flexible routing. Internal auto-range power supply for maximum flexibility (100-240 VAC). Booth #6756, Hall A

Gemini proudly introduces its new professional 12.5-inch 4-channel mixer, the PS-828 EFX. Based on the classic, hardworking and award-winning PS Series but equipped with three onboard effects (reverb, flanger and delay). The built-in effects can be individually assigned to either of the three channels, as well as one-touch effect controls with an adjustable EFX parameter wheel to adjust on the fly. Booth #6966, Hall A

This multipurpose 19-inch audio mixer has seven RCA line inputs, two convertible RCA phono/line inputs and three mic inputs, and a dual 10-band EQ with echo section. The MM-1800 has rotary zone, booth and cue volume; stereo/mono switch; talk-over feature; and assignable crossfader. Each channel has a cue button with green LED indicator. CUE/PGM fader control. 2-band rotary mic EQ and volume controls. BNC lamp port. Record, booth and zone RCA outputs. 1/4-inch balanced master and 1/4-inch headphone output. Two 1/4-inch mic inputs and one XLR 1/4-inch combo mic input. Booth #6966, Hall A

The MM-2400 is a rack-mountable 4-channel professional mixer with an extensive feature set tailored toward DJs of all levels, with dual 10-band graphic EQ with on/off switch and an assignable crossfader with removable RailGlide that lets you select which channels you want to fade into; an auto talk-over feature and BNC lamp port are standard. Six digital effects include scratch, H20, applause, copter, glass and scream, along with an echo section with repeat, delay, volume and speed rotary controls. Booth #6966, Hall A

The MM-4000 rack-mountable mixer has four unbalanced 1/4-inch mic channel inputs, one balanced XLR master mic input, dry/wet rotary control, and a rotary control FX selector that lets you choose between 16 high-quality built-in effects such as room reverbs, chorus, flange and delays. In addition, the MM-4000 has an assignable user-replaceable RailGlide cross-fader, balanced XLR master output and master/zone/record out RCA outputs. Booth #6966, Hall A

Professional DJ digital dual-mixing deck offers optimal mobility and precision. Wide mixing deck designed for mixing without comprise: two mixing decks, equalizer, volume knobs, two ultra-precise jog wheels, 13 rotary switches, six faders—including one general volume fader—46 push-buttons (including five effect buttons) and six kill buttons. Also standard is a removable, customizable steel center plate. Powered by computer's USB port, it features MIDI controls and includes VirtualDJ 5 DJC Edition software for PC and Mac.

Offering the same sample-synchronized audio performance as the XL8 in a compact, more affordable package, the PRO6 system comprises a Control Centre and two seven-rackspace units handling DSP and I/O. Despite its small 54x36-inch footprint, PRO6 can deliver up to 80 simultaneous input channels and as many as 32 discrete mixes in monitor mode, with all channels having full EQ and numerous dynamics processing options. With more I/O hardware, the PRO6 network can expand up to 264 inputs and 264 outputs. Standard is a dual-redundant 100-meter-long gigabit HyperMac (192x192) digital snake using Cat-5E copper cabling. Booth #6569, Hall A

Mark VIII is considered a sidecar to a mixing console housing 16 500 Series modules with eight faders, mutes, routing, busing and inserts. It''s a valuable tool for anyone in the 500 Series format. Booth #6290, Hall A

This powered mixer is built into a compact and durable molded cabinet and provides 400 watts of power per channel at 4 ohms. The 1082 Plus amplifier is also bridgeable and patchable. Through the nine input channels with a selection of hi-Z, Super hi-Z, lo-Z, line and mic inputs, users can connect guitars, mics, keyboards and so forth. The Powerpod 1082 Plus also features an onboard DFX, 32/40-bit digital effects with 100 preset programs, as well as eight tap delay effects and a tone generator. The 3-band EQ on every channel and dual multiband graphic EQ with selectable in/out switches offer maximum control over your mix. Booth #4590, Hall C

Now shipping, StudioLive is a 16-channel digital mixer loaded with 16 high-headroom XMAX mic preamps, built-in 22x18 FireWire recording and playback engine, Fat-Channel processing with 4-band EQs, compressors, limiters and gates, DSP effects, six aux buses, four sub-groups, extensive LED metering, mixer save/recall, channel strip save/recall/copy/paste, talkback and more. StudioLive also includes Capture, PreSonus'' new recording software for effortlessly recording all tracks, auxes and sub-groups (pre- or post-effects) with a few simple clicks of your mouse directly to your computer. Booth #6330, Hall A

Yamaha and Steinberg co-developed the CC121 Advanced Integration Controller. It features a knob with point-and-control support for any visual Cubase 4 parameter, as well as internal FX settings or VSTi parameters using mouse pointer selection. The CC121 has a motorized 100mm touch-sensitive fader and dedicated control of Cubase channel settings, including solo/mute, record arm, "e" settings button, automation read/write, pan and VSTi editor, as well as full Cubase EQ section with 12 dedicated rotary encoders, with mode selection and bypass switches. A user-assignable section—with Cubase-integrated presets for control room/studio sends and monitoring setup—completes the package. Booth #6524, Hall A

Ebony Audio's A4 16:2 summing mixer ($1,599), housed in a two-rackspace unit, features 16 balanced inputs on TRS and D-sub connectors with individual pan controls and brightly lit stereo analog VU meters. It features LEDs for stereo peak, tube drive, insert on and power, and high-gloss alloy knobs contrasted against the black-ebony faceplate. All inputs are +4/-10 switchable; an optional tube stage on the master bus lets users dial in the exact amount of tube effect desired across the mix. Insert points on the stereo master bus section are balanced, expediting the use of stereo processors. Booth #1674, Hall E

Designed for rentals or installs, the IM8 Series 8-bus analog mixers come in 24/32/40-channel frames, all with four additional stereo inputs. All models feature TRS insert points, balanced direct outs, eight aux sends, stereo and mono outputs, an 11x4 matrix, four mute groups, one-knob compressor on all inputs, 4-band channel EQ with sweepable mids, external power supply and a redundant power supply option. The mixers also have 2-channel direct-to-USB recording outputs, and include Steinberg Cubase AI software. Booth #100, Marriott www.yamaha.com