Mod Squad: Cases, Power, & Connections

Three new products with a fresh perspective

One of the benefits of the Eurorack format’s popularity has been the innovation in cases and power supplies. Where the pickin’s were once slim and expensive, today the options are many and much more affordable.

Among the most recent items to hit the market are three products that offer something out of the ordinary.



Berlin-based Koma Elektronik didn’t simply design one of the most cost-effective Eurorack cases currently on the market (providing 84 hp for $129), it also introduced a pair of unique power modules, Strom and Strom+, that are suitable for powering any Eurorack system. The modules provide ±12V and +5V, include a power switch, and will automatically shut down if a short circuit is detected, so your modules don’t get ruined. A replaceable fuse is also included to further mitigate damage. Koma also makes a passive Strom so you can power additional 3U cases from a single Strom or Strom+.

Both of the powered models have LEDs that indicate when they’re powered up, though the lights on the Strom+ change color to indicate the level of power consumption of your modules.

Strom and Strom+ are available on their own or in bundles that include flying bus boards and a power brick. In addition, Koma has a line of accessories for connecting its rack cases (as shown here).

(€200; CA. $250; NONOMODULAR.COM)


From Italy comes this portable Eurorack case with a difference. Mounted on the lid are a pair of piezo pads so you can play percussively without having to schlepp an additional triggering device. And when you place this 60-hp skiff on a flat surface, the wooden case and lid are angled up towards you, so you can see what you’re patching.

Even with modules installed, the Rover 1.60 is remarkably lightweight. To take advantage of that, the case includes a strap and built-in rings so you can sling it over your shoulder when you travel.



If you want your modular system to have a more personal touch, there are many custom options available online. One that recently caught our attention is this beautiful 84-hp, poplar skiff from Jennifer Spektor and Tarot Box Modular. Each of her cases is engraved with original artwork, by hand and laser (check out the organic design on the back of this box). The skiff is 2 inches deep at its shallowest point and is fitted with M3 rails and rack ears from Art for the Ears ( Laser-cut acrylic cases, etched with hand-drawn images, are also available from Tarot Box Modular.