Modartt Releases Rock Piano Add-on

Modartt has released the Rock piano add-on for Pianoteq 3.
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Modartt has released the Rock piano add-on (EUR 29) for Pianoteq 3. Modeled from a modern grand piano, the [YC5] Rock piano virtual instrument comes in three types: Stage, Chamber and Studio.

According to the manufacturer, the YC5 Stage has a percussive and bright tone that is ideal for pop and rock mixes, as well as solo ballads. The YC5 Chamber has a colored and song-like tone that is suitable for solos that demand a full and rich timbre. Lastly, the YC5 Studio models a dry acoustic environment, for a strong, close presence. Each instrument type comes with different perspectives, such as mix recording, solo recording, close mic, player, ambience and more.

Through September 30th, the Rock piano add-on is available for free with all new Pianoteq licences. For more information, please visit