Mode Audio Releases Ambient Glitch Loops & Serum Downtempo Presets

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Soundware publisher Mode Audio has just released two chill products for your laid back electronic productions: Scatter - Ambient Glitch Loops ($23.07) Desert Highway - Serum Downtempo Presets ($17.94). We’ve had high opinions of Mode Audio products in the past; see out recent review of Mode Audio Disintegrate - Cinematic Ambient Loops.

Scatter - Ambient Glitch Loops paints portraists of a glistening night sky, fizzing and popping amidst a celestial fireworks display of glitchy sonic treats: 590MB of kaleidoscopic music loops, samples and MIDI files for your DAW.

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You’ll discover atmospheric soundscapes sitting alongside shuffling downtempo rhythms, which will slot nicely into all manner of genres, whether it’s floor-shaking techno, house or subtler projects for film, TV and adverts.

Download Scatter - Ambient Glitch Loops and turn your DAW into a glasshouse replete with glittering sonic grain, complex patterns and soaring harmony.

Pack Details for Scatter:
- 150 Music Loops (Drums, Percussion, Basses, Arps, Synth Chords, Pads, Noise)
- 64 Drum Hit Samples
- 139 Synth Tail Samples
- 127 MIDI Loops (Key & Tempo-labelled)

- 100% Royalty-Free

Desert Highway - Serum Downtempo Presets packs 60 immaculate Serum presets firmly in the trunk, fills the tank with gallons of sonic inspiration, and speeds off full-throttle through landscapes of shimmering analog warmth and pristine digital synthesis.

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Inside and you’ll find a comprehensive set of sound types - immersive, swirling pads and deeply resonant basses, alongside dulcet synth leads and whirling SFX - all designed to help your music along its journey from rippling mystery to sweet, ambient oases.

Find the musical riches waiting for you at the end of that long road; let Desert Highway - Serum Downtempo Presets take you there.

Pack Details for Desert Highway:

- 60 Presets (Basses, Leads, Pads, Synths, Plucks, SFX)

- 60 MIDI Loops (Key & Tempo-Labelled)

- All 4 Macro Controls Assigned For Every Preset

- 100% Royalty-Free