Mode Audio Releases 'Dawn House' & 'Continuum' Libraries

Libraries Feature Synth Pad and Dance-Oriented Sounds
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Bursting with enough sonic ammunition to blow the lid straight off the party, Dawn House - Loops & Samples is your invitation from ModeAudio to supercharge your summer beats and join the fun! Bursting with 120 solid-gold music loops, 57 drum samples, 38 synth stabs and 109 MIDI files, this release will have your music suited and booted for the dancefloor the instant after download.

From bold, bouncing Mainroom rhythms and expansive, delay-drenched Deep House, to earth-shattering Bass and back, this bulging sound collection will push, propel and pile-drive your beats till the break of dawn and beyond!

Are you ready to construct your House beats bigger and stronger than ever before? Download Dawn House and introduce new worlds of mesmerising musical colour into your music now!

Pack Details:

  • 120 Music Loops (Basslines, Drums, Fills, Synth Chords, Leads, Pads & SFX)
  • 57 Drum Samples (Kicks, Snares, Claps, Hi Hats & Percussion)
  • 38 Synth Stab Samples
  • 109 MIDI Loops (Key-Labelled)
  • 100% Royalty-Free
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Continuum - Sylenth1 Ambient Presets brings ModeAudio’s love for and expertise in the field of Ambient sound design straight to the heart of your studio! The 50 presets included range in flavour from the smooth and enveloping, to the intricate, spooky and unsettling, with all 50 sounds painting effortlessly vivid musical scenes from deep within Sylenth1’s synthesis engine.

Shimmering, distant Pads will colour the background bed of your productions, whilst dynamic, organic Synth Textures will push delicate, exquisite detail to the foreground. The set also features warm, enveloping Synth Chords and distinctive, sparkling Plucks, offering you a diverse array of sonic shapes, tones and textures to play with in your music.

Paint your next music production in unprecedented detail, depth and colour - download Continuum today!

Pack Details:

  • 50 Sylenth1 Presets (Pads, Synth Textures, Chords & Synth Plucks)
  • 50 MIDI Loops (Key-Labelled)
  • 100% Royalty-Free