Mode Audio Releases 'Distant Echo Drones & Textures'

Collection Features 120 Minute-Long Samples
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Distant Echo - Drones & Textures brings all of ModeAudio's expertise in cutting-edge sound design together in one exciting pack. Featuring 120 samples clocking in at up to a minute in length each, these sounds are spectrally rich, ultra-detailed and superbly versatile for use as atmospheric elements in any production. We've set the lights low and mixed up some of our most ethereal sonic concoctions ever to bring you this deeply immersive selection!

From airy, swirling harmonic tones and string textures to searing, metallic SFX sweeps, inharmonic sound beds, rattling, granular pulses and far beyond, there's character and depth aplenty to allow your music to sink into each sound and get caught up in mood of the ambiance.

Weighing in at a whopping 1.44GB when unzipped, whole sonic worlds are just waiting to be uncovered and for your listeners to get lost in. There’s no time for delay - download Distant Echo - Drones & Textures now and catch a glimpse of the spectral future!

Pack Details:
- 120 Drone & Texture Samples
- 30 to 60 Seconds Duration Per Sample

- 100% Royalty-Free

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