ModeAudio Releases 'Bang - Deep House Drum Samples'

Collection Features 314 Drum Samples
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Bang - Deep House Drum Samples comes from a very special place in ModeAudio’s percussive production arsenal. Precision-designed to resonate your body in lock-step with the included cavernous kicks, the raw power of bottomless sub bass will swirl the air all around you. This collection of 314 full-phat drum samples has been crafted for one purpose only - to slam the awe-inspiring rush of the sound system straight into your music!

Packed to the brim with explosive percussive energy, this release shudders with the electric intensity of cutting-edge drum sound design. From 72 earth-shattering kicks, 50 blisteringly punchy snares and 75 crisp hi hats (open and closed) to 40 super-snappy claps and beyond, these huge drum sounds will set your tracks on fire straight after download!

The 12 included drum kit sampler patches and 5 channel strips rounding out the pack offer up instant drum processing options, adding new depth to your percussive rhythms. So, what are you waiting for?! Open up Bang - Deep House Drum Samples and get the dancefloor jumping now!

Pack Details:

  • 314 Drum Samples (Kicks, Snares, Claps, Hi Hats, Shakers, Crashes, Toms & Percussion)
  • 12 Drum Kit Patches (Ableton Live, Reason, Logic & FL Studio)
  • 5 Channel Strip Settings
  • 100% Royalty-Free