ModeAudio Releases Detonation SFX

200 Samples Include Impacts, Explosions, Sub Drops, Risers, and More
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Detonation - SFX Samples from Mode Audio brings the white-hot energy and bone-crushing power of epic sonic explosions, thundering impacts and hurtling risers directly into your productions. With a vast, multiform array of synth swells, noisy reverses, frazzled bleeps and sparking glitches also packed in, this 200 SFX sample extravaganza is exactly what you need to send your music skywards!

The 200 blisteringly powerful sounds included will inflate your build-ups, pulverise your breakdowns and blast your choruses straight into the stratosphere. Take full control of how your listeners experience your music, first grabbing their interest with subtle noise textures and then catapulting them forwards in bursts of deep bass and explosive acoustic colour!

Are you ready to push the big red button and send your music rocketing towards towering new heights? Download Detonation - SFX Samples and light the fuse today!

Pack Details:
- 200 SFX Samples (Impacts, Explosions, Sub Drops, Risers, Reverses, Bleeps & Glitches)
- 12 SFX Sampler Patches (Reason, Ableton Live, Logic & FL Studio)
- 100% Royalty-Free