ModeAudio Releases Glide - Chill Electronic Loops

223 Loops Replete with Billowing Electric Guitars, Hovering Pads and Feathery Synth Leads
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Glide - Chill Electronic Loops will prepare your music for take-off and send it soaring through the sun-dappled clouds, with 725MB of purest audio adrenalin! Drift through hazy dusk skies with our biggest ever tank of 223 loops, replete with billowing electric guitars, hovering pads and feathery synth leads, weighted carefully with driving bass guitars and thumping Chillwave drum grooves.

A premium selection of electric guitar inspiration is at the very heart of this library, taking in delay-drenched leads, intricate muted riffs, shimmering strummed chords and more. The attention to detail we’ve poured into these loops will have you flipping beats before you’ve left the runway!

Take your music productions on an epic voyage through the sun-soaked sky - let Glide - Chill Electronic Loops launch you there today!

Pack Details:
- 223 Music Loops (Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Percussion, Synth Leads, Pads & Keys)
- 112 Guitar & Synth Tail Samples
- 74 Drum Samples (Kicks, Snares, Hi Hats, Toms & Cymbals)
- 82 MIDI Files (Key & Tempo-Labelled)
- 100% Royalty-Free

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