Moderat, Moderat (BPitch Control)

Modeselektor and Apparat do a little music mind meld and come up with Moderat, a dubbed-out techno/electro-pop delight.
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Combined quirks take techno far from center
The first time they got together to record as Moderat in 2002, Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary (aka Modeselektor) and Sascha Ring (aka Apparat) burned out their partnership and completed just one EP. But after going their separate ways and each releasing acclaimed albums in their own styles—dubbed-out techno from Modeselektor and deep techno/electro-pop from Apparat, the more mature trio has returned with an eponymous debut that nicely takes advantage of the ways their sounds digress and converge. Recorded on analog gear at Berlin''s Hansa Studios, the tracks coalesce with oversize noises that seem all the bigger thanks to a custom reverb program created by Joshua Kit Clayton. With equal importance placed on mix and arrangement, the sounds share the same bold luster, and the rhythms favor breaks that roll on elliptical wheels. There are moments that would fit on their individual efforts—“No. 22” from Modeselektor and “Rusty Nails” from Apparat—but the real high points like the tattered tech-breaks of “Seamonkey” and the deep, expansive atmosphere of “Porc#1” and Porc#2” match Modeselektor''s legitimate bass credentials, with Apparat''s penchant for well-spaced compositions, and take advantage of everyone''s taste in exactingly programmed drums. This is the expected triumph from the talents involved. [4 out of 5 stars]