Modern Beats Releases "Dubstep X" Music Loops

Featuring Over 325 Dubstep Dance Music Loops
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Modern Beats Releases "Dubstep X" Music Loops

Featuring over 325 Dubstep Dance music loops in construction-style layout, ModernBeats has just released the new loop library "Dubstep X". Dubstep X Music Loops includes 740+ files in 3 formats (Acidized WAV, Apple Loops AIFF, & Reason REX2) for a total size of 1GB. The library is structured into 3 popular dubstep tempos: 128 BPM, 132 BPM, and 140 BPM. Each of the 3 tempo groups contains several multi-track loop themes including up to 11 variations per theme: "Intro1", "Intro2", "Intro3", "Hook1", "Hook2", "Verse1", "Verse2", "Verse3", "Break1", "Break2", and "Outro". Each multi-track variation is separated in its individual instrument loop file such as bass synths, gritty synth leads, distorted guitar, orchestral strings, sound effects, vocal accents, and more.

'Dubstep X Loops' comes loaded with a wide variety of contemporary instruments & effects specifically for dubstep & dance music production. Providing musicians with hundreds of thunderous dubstep melodies, all loops are modeled after Dubstep's best such as top-charting recording artists Skrillex, Flux Pavilion, Nero, Bassnectar, Datsik, Knife Party, & Excision.

'Dubstep X Loops' List of Instruments Include:

Dubstep Monster Bass
Dubstep Lead Synths
Dubstep Sync Synths
Dubstep Subtractive Synths
Dubstep Synth Pads
Arcade Sound FX
Arpeggio Synths
Distorted Guitar
Electric Bass
Electric Keyboards
Ensemble Strings
Flange Synths
Harp & Harpsichords
Leslie & Organ Pads
Marcato Strings
Monophonic Glide Synths
Orchestral Stabs
Piano & Rhodes
Saw Synth Bass & Leads
Sine Wave Sub Bass
Noise Sound FX & Vocal FX
Tape Stop Sound FX

The 'Dubstep X' Loop Library is offered as a download, priced at just $29.95. For more info and audio demos, visit: