Mogees Turns Any Object into a MIDI Instrument

The Newly Available, Kickstarter-funded Mogees MIDI Device will Turn any Hittable Object into a MIDI Controller and/or Sound Module
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Every pro drummer started out as a child playing on pots, pans, furniture, pets, their siblings, etc. Now, just like in every other area in life, kids today with their apps will have it better than before, because all of those objects will be able to function as actual MIDI-triggering instruments.

Another day, another Kickstarter music project enters the world, and today’s spotlight is on Mogees, a MIDI trigger based on an adhesive sensor and what the British company calls the first contact microphone to be designed specifically for use with iOS devices.

You attach the Mogees sensor to any object and either the iOS app or an audio interface for use with the Mac AU plug-in (a Windows VST plug-in is coming soon), and the sensor translates different vibrations from the object into a variety of string, synthesizer and drum machine sounds (such as a TR-808-style drum kit).

What that means is that Mogees interprets the different vibrations coming to it, and send them to different instrument sounds of your choosing. So if you were to tap an object in three sufficiently different places, you could get three distinct sounds out of them; then, if you also scraped or brushed those three different places, so the vibrations were again sufficiently different, you could get more distinct sounds out of that same object.

Mogees learns each vibration profile and send each one out as a different MIDI message. Those MIDI messages can be used as notes or MIDI CCs to become a controller.

If your childlike sense of wonder around turning any object into a synthesizer or drum machine doesn’t entice you to drop the $140 on Mogees, maybe this slickly-produced video will.

Contact MV Pro Audio at for information on where to buy Mogees.