Mojave Audio Enters Pro Audio Market Space

Mojave Audio, a new company founded by David Royer (known for his work with ribbon microphones) is entering the professional audio market.

Better known recently for David’s custom microphone modifications and do-it-yourself tube microphone kits, Mojave Audio is now moving away from kits and modifications and focusing its efforts on fully assembled products. Their new MA-200 tube condenser microphone represents the company’s first large-scale production effort.

David Royer actually started Mojave Audio in 1985 in his Fullerton, CA garage—building custom microphones and fine-tuning circuits and capsule designs. This labor of love continues to the present. His various self-built microphones, mic preamps, and compressors are in the hands of a number of prominent LA-based producers and engineers. For the past few years, the company offered do-it-yourself tube microphone kits. With the introduction of the MA-200, the company is refocusing its efforts.

According to John Jennings, director of sales and marketing for Mojave Audio, “Aside from Royer Labs, David Royer has been building and modifying professional audio equipment for over 20 years. Opening Mojave Audio as an outlet for his non-ribbon related work is a dream come true for David and a natural outgrowth of his abilities. While David continues as Chief Engineer of Royer Labs (the company that bears his name), it’s important to note the two companies are entirely independent of one another. Mojave Audio gives David the opportunity to branch out by providing a platform where he can work on and release his non-ribbon ideas.”

In addition to Royer and Jennings, the third principal partner in the new company is Rick Perotta, who serves as president. Perotta brings a wealth of manufacturing know-how to Mojave Audio as a result of his efforts with both Matchless Guitar Amplifiers and Royer Labs.

In the future, Mojave Audio will release a variety of microphones and other products, several of which are currently in the prototype stage. For additional information, visit Mojave Audio online at