Monster Debuts Comprehensive Prolink Cable Line

Helping Musicians Improve Their Sound
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Monster, a leader in the professional audio industry for over 35 years, is building on its foundation of sonic excellence with a comprehensive lineup of new and redesigned Monster® Prolink® cables and accessories, all geared toward helping all types of musicians at every stage of their careers achieve their best possible sound and realize their full artistic potential. All Monster Prolink® products were developed using the latest and most advanced Monster audio technologies to create Pure Monster Sound™ at the source of music, the instrument or performer. Designed by Head Monster Noel Lee, Pure Monster Sound™ uses Monster’s latest proprietary technologies to create headphones that deliver the full experience of live music with extreme clarity, tight articulation and deep pounding bass. The new line is made up of four categories: Premium Grade, Instrument Specific, All Purpose, and Classic.

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Newly Redesigned Cable Lineup, Plus New Innovative Accessories for Musicians

The full range of Monster Prolink® products includes a complete line of cables and connectors for every musical need, as well as breakthrough accessories for music professionals from touring and studio musicians and engineers to performing artists, students and enthusiasts. Notably, Monster has redesigned and refined its line of instrument cables, patch cables, microphone and speaker cables, now offering the industry’s highest performance pro audio cables. In addition, Monster has added new professional quality headphones, plus the breakthrough GO-DJ production system to its Prolink® line-up.

Prolink® Products for Every Level and Every Budget

Monster’s goal is to ensure that all musicians have access to the advanced tools they need to achieve their artistic best. That’s why the company makes products for musician’s specific needs and budget. There are four individual Prolink® brands, each with either instrument, microphone or speaker wire, or all three. Importantly, Monster’s application-specific Rock, Bass, and Acoustic cables are designed to specifically enhance the tonal qualities of various instruments and musical styles. Among the many innovations and no-compromise technologies in various cable throughout the line are:

Time Correct Windings® with multiple gauge wire networks; Bandwidth Balanced® construction to phase align signal for a more natural reproduction; Duraflex® Outer Jackets for superior reliability and maximum cut resistance; 24K Gold Connectors, with new 2014 custom design developed based on customer and industry feedback, featuring collet strain relief for durability and resistance to corrosion; MicroFiber® Dialectric for better isolation of magnetic fields for improved harmonic detail; and Magnetic Flux Tube® construction, which improves bass response and natural sonic characteristics.

Notes the Head Monster, Noel Lee: “As a musician I understand the importance of reliable, high performance audio cables that enhance the characteristics of a musician’s style and equipment. Professional musicians, producers and performers know that our cables are the bedrock of a reliable, high-end sound. Today, Monster not only offers ultimate quality cables, but unique headphones and accessories that can help professionals enhance their performance on stage and in the studio. The common link between all our professional products is our Pure Monster Sound® which delivers the wide dynamic range for all the punch and realism of live performance, and well balanced frequency response so no detail is lost.”

Reference Cable Line: Studio Pro SP2000

Monster’s flagship SP2000 microphone cable (SRP: $79.95) and speaker cable (SRP: $29.95) products offer established pros the ultimate in performance, technology and features with its reference grade cables, prized by music industry professionals for ultimate tonal accuracy without coloration. Among the stand-out characteristics of the line is their innovative Time Correct® multiple gauge wire network, ensuring ultimate balance and sonic accuracy.

Performer 600: Road-Worth and Built to Last

The workhorse of the Monster lineup, Monster’s Performer 600 Cables (SRP: $44.95), including Instrument, Pedal Board Patch, Microphone and Speaker cables, are tough, all-purpose products built to withstand constant use in studio or on tour. Ideal for bands that are touring and bands on a budget, their heavy shielding and strong Duraflex jackets make them totally road worthy.

Monster Classic Instrument

A tribute to Monster’s 35 years in the industry, Monster’s Classic Instrument, Microphone and Speaker cables (SRP: $21.95) are the industry standard, trusted by pros for accuracy, reliability and pure sonic quality. Featuring all-metal connectors and 90% copper shielding, Classic is a great sounding, reliable cable, with a vintage look and feel and classic Monster quality at an affordable price.

Monster Rock Instrument

Players can cut through the mix with Monster Rock cables. An advanced coaxial design with multi-gauge wire networks maximizes your guitar’s tone and sonic bite.

Monster Bass Instrument

High performance bass guitar cable designed for more power, definition and punch. Define your notes and clear up the mud with Monster Bass.

Monster Acoustic Instrument

Monster Acoustic Instrument Cables deliver rich and accurate reproduction of your instrument’s natural characteristics. Specifically designed for acoustic and hollow body instruments.

In addition to its comprehensive cable lineup, Monster Cable® Prolink® is proud to serve today’s music professional with a range of unique and innovative accessories. These include:

Monster Pro Power

Monster’s power products provide surge protection, noise and RF filtration and fire protection. Professional musicians and studios use Monster so that they can stop worrying about losing those valuable recordings, and concentrate on capturing them.

Monster Pro Headphones

The most detailed and unforgiving playback you will ever hear is Pure Monster Sound from Monster N-Pulse Pro or Monster DNA Pro headphones. Well-balanced and incredibly accurate, these headphones are ideal for professional use. Importantly, they’re built with extra comfort for those long recording sessions.

Game-Changer: Monster GO-DJ

Monster recently changed the game in portable music-making with its revolutionary Monster® GO-DJ. A truly portable and standalone DJ controller and music production studio, the Monster GO-DJ redefines music production and performance. Powered by Monster, the Monster® GO-DJ™ replaces the need to carry traditional DJ controllers and computers, which can be too big, complex and expensive. Although small, the award-winning Monster® GO-DJ™ is packed with features including, Digital Turntables, touchscreen Tri-band Equalizer, Musical Pad Sampler, Synthesizer Keyboard, and a Beat Sequencer. You can connect a microphone, iOS device, Android device, musical instrument or other audio device to the Monster® GO-DJ™ and control the streaming audio by looping, scratching, remixing and recording.

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