More MPC Hip Hip/RnB Drum Sounds from Syntaur

For the producer searching for new drum sounds, Syntaur Productions has released three new drum sets for the Akai MPC-series samplers. Syntaur''s "Drum Mania" (available on Zip Disk or CD-ROM) is packed full of current HipHop and RnB drum sounds, actually a compilation of three different floppy-disk sets: "Manic Drumz", "Phreaky Drumz", and "Phreaky Perkussion".

"Manic Drums" contains HipHop/RnB drum sounds ranging from kicks and snares created on analog synths to individual hits snipped from drum loops. Each of the three floppy disks loads an MPC with 6 kicks, 5 snares, and 5 hi-hat and percussion sounds per Bank, with all four Banks fully programmed.

"Phreaky Drumz" was created using less conventional methods. Some hot HipHop and dance club drums were sampled and then combined with other crazy noises, such as the sound of a live mic smacking against the wall, or with human vocal sounds. Finally, these layered sounds were tweaked out and hyped up to create unique new drum kits. As in "Manic Drumz", each disk in this set contains a kit with four fully-programmed Banks of sounds (6 kicks, 5 snares, and 5 hi-hat and percussion sounds) per Bank. "Phreaky Drumz" also contains five additional programs (Phreak Noizes 1-5) that will add all sorts of unique elements to HipHop tracks.

"Phreaky Perkussion" was created using the same layering methods as the "Phreaky Drumz" set, containing dozens of unique samples designed to give tracks some extra spice.

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