More Powerful PCI Card Added to PowerCore Family

TC Electronic announced the PowerCore PCI mkII at this year''s Musikmesse show.

With a combination of 14 processing plug-ins and 4 x 150 mHz DSPs, the new blue colored PCI card is designed for professional sound engineers with a VST, AU or RTAS (using the VST to RTAS adapter from FXpansion) compatible audio system. The plug-in bundle that comes with PCI mkII, contains the same 14 plug-ins as the PowerCore FireWire, and the whole package will be shipping in May 2005 at EUR 1140 retail ex. VAT.

PowerCore PCI mkII is designed for professional audio tasks, and with the included and optional plug-ins it can be optimized for a variety of applications such as mastering, vocal processing and sound design. Included plug-ins are: Classic Verb, Mega Reverb, Chorus_delay, EQSat Custom, Vintage CL, 24/7 C, Voice Strip, PowerCore 01, Tubifex, Master X3, Filtroid, Character, Dynamic EQ, and DeNoise.

The blue PowerCore PCI mkII card yields the same performance as the rack-based PowerCore FireWire, and measures only half the size of the existing green PowerCore PCI cards, making the PCI mkII compatible with the new short computer types. The PowerCore PCI mkII will be able to run all current and future PowerCore plug-ins at best performance.

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