MoReVoX releases a new bundle that includes all its Drums and IRs Libraries

 Drumagog, Drumrehab, Bateery 3, Raw Wav

The MoReVoX PACK includes :





For a total of :

  • 400 Instruments (Drumagog,DrumRehab,Battery3,RawWav)
  • 1800 Samples (24bit/44.1)
  • 250 IRs

The bundle is available for Digital Download.

Buyng the bundle save up to 20%

Prices : $ 299,00

For a limited time (until 30 Nov 2008) the bundle will be available with 40% off .

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MoReVoX ELEKTROMORPH is a massive electronically morphed drum sample library with 32 Kicks,44 Snares,14 Tom Sets, 94 Cymbals and several other multilayer percussion and Efx.

More than 800 24bit samples ready to quickly regenerate your drum tracks.

From Pop to Hard Rock , Hip-Hop to Extreme Electronic Music, MoReVoX ELEKTROMORPH can help you breathe new life into your drum tracks.

Often Producers and Engineers work to find the perfect balance

between real drums and loops.

Elektromorph represents the mix of the two worlds: Electronic samples and Natural samples.

MoReVoX ELEKTROMORPH is not only a samples tank for replacement but a kaleidoscopic resource for creativity!


ELEKTROMORPH 2 by MoReVoxis a powerful tool which will take your drum tracks on an unexpected and creative sound adventure.

Divided into Massive Path Sounds and Creative Path Sounds, MoReVoX ELEKTROMORPH 2 has been recorded with unique top quality signal paths to create individual sound coloring, then hyper-edited in both analog and digital domains.

Elektromoph 2 gives you several ways to create amazing drums tracks : deep and punchy digital sounds, warm and dirty-valve analog sounds, dry impact drums, explosive roomy wide hits, massive pure natural sounds , classic MoReVoX creative sounds, and more, for a total of 820 samples and 118 Instruments (24bit).

MoReVoX ELEKTROMORPH 2 performs : 30 Kicks, 40 Snares, 6 Toms Racks, 6 Sidesticks, 36 Cymbals

All of MoReVoX ELEKTROMORPH 2’s samples have been created with their own defined character (they can be dropped right into your project, no dynamic or EQ processing needed), and at the same time are really moldable. This makes Elektromoph 2 a top choice for pros.


DRUMBUSTER is the "Entry Level" MoReVoX drums library. DRUMBUSTER is the Easiest and Advantageous way to IMMEDIATELY BOOST your drum tracks .

Recorded with a Neve VR on 2" Studer A80 than digitally Edited, DRUMBUSTER [ 15 Kicks, 10 Snares for over than 100 samples ] represents the sum of Analog Warmth and

Digital Dynamic.

MoReVoX DRUMBUSTER is provided in 3 formats : Drumagog Drum Rehab, Raw Wav Files.

OSX and XP/Vista compatible , DRUMBUSTER is FREE for all the MoReVoX Elektromorph Users.

Buying DRUMBUSTER recive an Extra 10% discount on future Elektromorph Bundle Purchase.


MoReVoX RetròVerb is an innovative Reverb Impulse Response Library.

MoReVoX RetròVerb is designed to create Warm Vintage Reverberations joined to the Clear Deep Digital Sound.

MoReVoX RetròVerb contains exclusive Real Spaces Reverbs IRs , Real Vintage Plates IRs, Vintage Reverberation Units IRs and Custom Made MoReVoX IRs.

In the v.2.0 we have experienced the IRs sampling to Reel Tapes; From this experience we have created the “Classic Drive” category that exhibits an OUTSTANDING and UNPARALLELED IRs sound quality with Solid Low End, Rich Mids and Creamy Hights .

MoReVoX RetròVerb 2.0 performs :

  • 7 IRs Categories:
      • HALLS (30 Real Halls and Churches plus some mixed IRs)
      • ROOMS & CHAMBERS (30 Plates from EMT140 and mixed from -------------------------most popular Hardware)
      • PLATES (A large selection (40) of hi definition Rooms and -----------Chambers (Real and Hardware))
      • LARGE SPACES (A collection of 25 real venues and mixed --------------------hardware IRs with gtreat deepness and ----------------------stereo width)
      • SURROUND (50 Surround IRs (4.0/5.0) subdivided into Halls --------------/Plates/Rooms ideal for Post-Production and -----------------Music)
      • CLASSIC DRIVE (EXCLUSIVE !! 50 IRs subdivided into -------------------------Halls/Plates/Rooms sampled to ReelTape ----------------------for an UPARALLELED Solid Low end/Rich -----------------------Mids/Creamy Hi end IRs Sound!)
      • COMBO-AMB (25 explosive ambience and combo delayed --------------------ambiences designed to create "in face" vox ------------------sound and aggressive gtrs)
      • 250 HIGHT QUALITY IRs 24bit/44.1

      MoReVoX RetròVerb is designed for TLSpace but is full compatible with all convolution reverb plugins like Altiverb, Space Designer and other.

      For more info and demos :