MOTU Ethno

Objective: Insert loops produced by Ethno Instrument into a host as digital audio.Background: MOTU’s Ethno Instrument has traditional sampled instruments where you trigger individual notes, but also contains loops that can stretch over a wide range of tempos. You can export these loops into a host as digital audio at the host tempo, thus allowing you to open more sounds in Ethno Instrument, or close it to free up computer resources.

1. Double-click on an instrument slot in Ethno Instrument to open up the browser.

2. Click on Loops in the Browser and also click on Loop Auto Play (this lets you hear a loop as soon as you click on it).

3. Navigate to the type of loops you want to audition, then click on various loops to audition them. After selecting a loop you want to export, click on OK in the browser.

4. Set the tempo as desired in your host program, then click on Ethno Instrument’s Sync to Host button.

5. Ethno Instrument’s BPM indicator should match the host tempo.

6. Click on Play to verify that you have selected the right loop, then click on Stop to stop loop playback.

7. Click on the Drag & Drop button, then drag to an audio track in your host.

- Any processing you add within Ethno Instrument (filtering, convolution reverb, etc.) is not reflected in the part you drag to an audio track.

- You can keep double-clicking in the same instrument slot, browse for and audition new loops, then drag them over into your host software.