MOTU Offers Special Pricing on Encore Soundbank for a Limited Time

Proceeds to Benefit Bob Moog Foundation
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MOTU announces limited-time Black Friday pricing on the Bob Moog Foundation Encore Soundbank. The $99 library of more than 200 sounds from rare vintage synthesizers and keyboards will be priced at $49 from Friday, November 27th through Friday, December 4th. Funding generated from the soundbank supports the Bob Moog Foundation’s expansion of its hallmark science and music education project, Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool.

“All of us at MOTU are passionate about honoring Bob Moog’s pioneering legacy and helping carry it forward to future generations through the work of the Bob Moog Foundation,” remarks Jim Cooper, MOTU’s Marketing Director. “This limited time special price will make the Encore Soundbank accessible to a wider audience, helping generate important funding to assist the Foundation in serving more children through Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool in 2016.”

Newly created demos from renowned electronic music composers Suzanne Cianni, Larry Fast, and Amin Bhatia, featuring sounds exclusively from the Soundbank, can be found at

Encore Soundbank Specs

The library is a UVI soundbank that can be loaded into the cross-platform, universally compatible UVI Workstation virtual instrument player, available for free download from The library can also be loaded into MOTU's MachFive 3 sampler for side-by-side integration with other MachFive-compatible soundbanks. Most of the 200+ Encore Soundbank presets are scripted to include vintage Moog-style filter and envelope controls.

The following artists generously contributed to this project: Vince Clarke, Al Kooper, Jordan Rudess, Suzanne Ciani, Larry Fast, Tangerine Dream (Edgar Froese / Thorsten Quaeschning), Goldfrapp (Will Gregory), Kevin Antunes, Adam Holzman, Erik Norlander, Peter Gorges, Amin Bhatia, CJ Vanston, Drew Neumann, Kevin Lamb, Dave Spiers, Jack Hotop, Jerry Kovarsky, Kent Spong, Klaus Peter Rausch, Taiho Yamada, Michael Koehler, Chris Cox, "Magic" Dave Roberts, Marty Cutler, Marc Doty and I Monster (Dean Honer / Jerrod Gosling).

Sounds included in the library were created using classic instruments, including various Moog modulars and Minimoogs, Buchla modular, EMS Synthi A and VCS3, Yamaha CS-80, Alesis Andromeda, Sequential Circuits Prophets, Hammond B3 organ, classic Korg synths, rare Russian Polivoks, multiple theremins and effects pedals, a rare and exotic Ondioline, and an extremely rare Moog Apollo, plus much more.

The Soundbank can be purchased here: