Mr. Scruff, Ninja Tuna (Ninja Tune)

What is more delicious than a tuna salad sandwich? This Ninja Tuna album from Mr. Scruff (out on Ninja Tune, of course), that''s what.
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Carefree beats make anytime party time
Returning with his first LP of new material since the 2002 Trouser Jazz, Scruff still works a smile-inducing pairing of bounding beats and sprightly jazz. Opener “Test the Sound” and the Danny Breaks–assisted “Bang the Floor” provide some harder touches, but like the infectiously groovy “Donkey Ride,” most of the time things are bright. He brings zest to every style as “Get on Down” is a shifty bit of house, and on “Music Takes Me Up” Alice Russell sings about “when the drums come calling and the bass line pulls you in,” giving literal voice to Scruff''s musical charms. [4 out of 5 stars]