MSTRKRFT, Fist of God (Dim Mak/Downtown)

Based on the cover art, this album should be titled Fist of Asses; based on the music, prepare to be punched in the ear with electro awesomeness.

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A fistful of KRFT cheese goes down well
It''s fitting that an album this pummeling is called Fist of God. The rowdy electro-house duo of Jesse Keeler and Al-P downplays the more melodic house tendencies in favor of an aggressive, biting barrage of more, better, faster and cheaper beats. There''s a moment in the track “1,000 Cigarettes” when a wobbly synth spirals out, as if the melody was sucker-punched by the pounding rhythm. But the relentless pace works wonders if the pleasure receptors in the musical part of your brain are wired to Daft Punk and Justice. “Vuvuvu,” a great example of onomatopoeia in a song title, constantly churns and builds, stretching out the sweet spot into a three-and-a-half-minute track. The title track is another massive burner, full of kinetic, tightly sculpted synths. The grab bag of guest lyricists doesn''t always click, though E-40 and Ghostface Killah keep up with the dancefloor pace admirably. “Heartbreaker” jumps with heavy piano chords, but John Legend''s soulful croon doesn''t quite rise above the synthetic melodies. Despite the lineup of vocal collaborators, MSTRKRFT can seem a bit one-note on Fist of God. But if you''re looking for their type of fix, it''s a great hit. [3.5 out of 5 stars]