MultiSonus Audio Announces EarBombz In-Ear Headphones

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C.E.O. of MultiSonus Audio, Philip C Sudore, announces that the new privately held company has launched its first line of high quality audio headgear, entering the competitive market of in-ear headphone and head-set production with three new products under the innovative brand called “EarBombz TM”.

After many years in the music industry as performers, engineers, producers, and tech-heads, the founding team of MultiSonus Audio has developed designs using carefully considered acoustic engineering, top of the line materials, and leading-edge components configured for durability to create in-ear monitors rivaled by none, at a price point that will cause a paradigm shift in the industry.

“Our team has over 50 years of combined experience in music production and audio engineering and we have the highest audio quality, aesthetic style and durability incorporated in our product line,” said the company’s VP of Research and Development, Wayne Newitt.

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The product was met with stunning reviews, at the January 2012 NAMM convention, showcasing the first three tiers of the EarBombz product line: the "A-Bombz" (for Absolute Audio Resolution), the "H-bombz" (for High-definition Sound), and the top of the line "EB-Pro" series, designed to meet professional standards in and out of the studio. All three products include in-line microphones and are compatible with current technology including tablets, smart phones, computers, mixing boards, and stage monitors.

“We believe that when you make something good, really good—good things will come of it. We plan to share that boon with charitable causes we feel a personal connection to, both globally and locally.” said CEO Sudore.