Music Maker Jam Available for iPhone

Free App Features New Design
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MAGIX is pleased to announce the release of Music Maker Jam for iPhone. The free app has already been downloaded several million times on other platforms and is now available for the iPhone in a completely fresh look.

Intuitive music making for beginners and pros alike
Music Maker Jam makes it easier than ever to produce professional tracks — no previous experience is required at all. Over 70 style packages, countless genres and spectacular effects provide users with unlimited creative freedom. Automatic tempo and harmony adjustment make easy work for beginners, and an 8 channel mixer and customized harmonies let professionals run wild with ideas. The iPhone version of the app has been completely redesigned. Key features such as the loop
selector and harmony editor are now even easier to use, while the new home screen provides a better overview.

Sascha Lazimbat, CEO of MAGIX Audio GmbH: "We've known about the affinity of iPhone users for music, design and creativity for a long time. Now we can finally offer them Music Maker Jam as a free download — completely redesigned and with a brand new look. We're really looking forward to seeing what the iPhone users are going to create!"

First-time installation of the app includes four lite style packages. Users can additionally download two extra styles for free from the store. Genres, ranging from hip hop and trap to movie scores, can be freely combined right from the start.

Free exclusive Xmas Jam package
As a special gift to Music Maker Jam users, MAGIX is releasing a free, exclusive Xmas Jam package together with the iPhone release. Never before has it been so easy to create, record and share custom Christmas sounds with friends and family.

Music Maker Jam Website
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Music Maker Jam on Soundcloud


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