Music Player Network Partners with Paul Greens School of Rock Music in Youth Magazine Launch

Music Player Network, publishers of Guitar Player, Bass Player, Keyboard, EQ, and Frets magazines, is proud to announce its partnership with the Paul Green School of Rock Music—in the debut of SCHOOL OF ROCK MAGAZINE.

"Inspiring teens to sing and play guitars, basses, drums, and keyboards in an instant gratification, video-game era is a challenge. So bow and thank the muses that Paul Green's School of Rock discovered a burgeoning community of future rockers who hunger for musical knowledge, and who are rarin' to get out and rage. This magazine is for them, and I'm thrilled to expand MPN's continuing efforts to educate and excite the youth culture with such a kick-ass publication. Rock on,” says Michael Molenda, Editor in Chief, Guitar Player magazine/Editorial Director, MPN.

School of Rock Magazine is aimed at 12- through 18-year-olds interested in making music, and becoming better musicians, by drawing on the lessons of the music icons and trendstarters of the past. GP, BP, Keyboard, EQ, and Frets will lend their extensive back issue libraries as the guiding forces in the editorial content and direction of the magazine. Paul Green will be the figurehead of the magazine, bringing his love of music, unique teaching position, a strong understanding of the youth market, and his passion for learning, to the audience of this magazine.

“This opportunity is golden for us-to put our bible of rock and roll into magazine form, drawing on the vast archives and resources of Music Player,” says Paul Green. “Now we can save Rock and Roll, one thousand kids at a time.”

The target audience of School of Rock Magazine will be the legions of kids out there who have a love for music, and passion to play. The students of Paul Green’s School of Rock Music will receive a subscription to the magazine. There will also be a newsstand outreach to various musical instrument retailers, and other student-focused groups.

School of Rock Magazine will be launched quarterly in Spring 2006.

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