Music Studio 10 deLuxe from MAGIX

MAGIX has announced the 10th anniversary of their music software with the launch of Music Studio 10 deLuxe. The new 10th anniversary edition of MAGIX Music Studio 10 deLuxe is available immediately.

Music Studio 10 deLuxe includes features that make life easier for home users in the virtual music studio, such as "Elastic Audio Easy" for automatic pitch recognition and correcting monophonic audio. "File Manager" and "Browser" help overviewing tracks and files -- crucial for large projects. New creative retro effects are featured in the "Vintage Effects Suite" with effects for Chorus, Flanger, Mod filter, and Analog Delay. Complete drum tracks can be generated by the touch of a button with the new "LiViD" feature.

For questions on the product, help is always available through the software's "Task Assistant," which clarifies with videos, explanations, links, and more. Finalized MAGIX Music Studio 10 deLuxe arrangements can be recorded onto a master CD, which is automatically prepped for CD duplication.

In addition to musicians, Music Studio 10 deLuxe is intended for semi-professional and professional movie and video producers to create soundtracks by using new advanced features, such as sound overdubbing.

New Music Studio 10 deLuxe Features:

  • MAGIX Elastic Audio Easy
  • MAGIX LiViD (Little Virtual Drummer)
  • 24-bit playback and processing
  • RMS Normalize
  • 4 professional effects: Chorus, Flanger, ModFilter and Analog Delay
  • File Manager and Explorer
  • MAGIX Remix Agent
  • Task Assistant
  • Improved Surround Panner
  • Optimized video playback
  • Copper Synth, Beat Box

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