Musician's Hotel Q&As End With a Bang


Finishing off the Q&As with a major bang was Rami, the keyboard player with the Wallflowers, who was both interesting and extremely funny during his appearance. Rami (whose full name is Rami Jaffee), does a lot of sessions in the Los Angeles area in addition to his Wallflowers gig, and said that while he used to use all vintage keyboards, he's now integrating some digital instruments as well.

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Rami from the Wallflowers
photo: Dave Vann

He likes the B3 sounds on the Yamaha Motif, described the Korg MicroKorg as "the coolest thing," and surprised everybody by revealing that he even sometimes uses an old Casio SK-1. "I got it for my bar mitzvah. The flute sound is like a theremin. I've been using it on sessions left and right."

Rami also said that in his live rig, he's replacing the pair of Akai S6000s that he was using for Mellotron and Chamberlain sounds with a Mac laptop running MOTU's Mach Five soft sampler. He's also set up a studio in a trailer in L.A., outfitted with a Pro Tools rig.