Musicians Institute to Use Music Prodigy

Changing the Way Musicians Learn
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Music Prodigy, creators of award-winning music education software that improves guitar and vocal performance with patented polyphonic pitch recognition (PPR™) technology, is proud to announce that Musicians Institute will be providing their guitar and vocal students with Music Prodigy’s Rock Prodigy and Choir Prodigy software applications as part of their fall curriculum. Both will include Musicians Institute’s unique and innovative training materials to help MI students improve their skills and accelerate their development.

“Musicians Institute has looked at every software learning application for mobile and laptop computers and found that only Music Prodigy could meet the demanding needs of Musicians Institute students,” says Donny Greundler, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Musicians Institute. “Rock Prodigy and Choir Prodigy are powerful applications that listen to a student play guitar or sing, and show them which notes are right or wrong, without any special hardware or adapters.”

Rock Prodigy and Choir Prodigy’s PPR technology listens to every single note played and applies machine-learning concepts to continually evolve accuracy and responsiveness.

“Music Prodigy is thrilled to be working with Musicians Institute, a global leader in music education,” says Harold Lee, CEO and Co-Founder of Music Prodigy. “In addition to supporting their guitar students, we are excited to provide their vocal students Music Prodigy’s Choir Prodigy real-time vocal performance evaluation product.”

Musicians Institute teachers will also have the ability to consistently assess student progress through Music Prodigy’s cloud-based quantitative performance measurement and data analytics features. This will save teacher’s time and help students improve their performance over time.

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