Musicians Make Beautiful Music with Elixir Cables and Tom Anderson Guitarworks

 Special Tom Anderson/Elixir Cables Promotion Underway
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For a limited time, musicians purchasing any Tom Anderson Guitarworks model will receive one complimentary 10 ft. cable provided by Elixir™ Cables, the first non-string product line introduced this year by pioneer of long-life strings, Elixir Strings.

“Tom Anderson Guitarworks has been using Elixir Strings exclusively on its guitars for many years,” says Tom Anderson of Tom Anderson Guitarworks. “When Elixir Strings approached me with its new cable, I was happy to try it out at a gig and was pleasantly surprised to hear how natural it sounded. It allowed my guitar to speak more clearly and worked in perfect harmony with the rest of my gear. This was the deciding factor in making Elixir Cables my cable of choice and in making it available to my customers.”

“Tom Anderson is highly regarded in the industry for his superior guitars and is someone who recognizes the importance of tonal quality,” says Craig Theorin, Elixir Strings product manager. “Elixir Cables is a perfect complement to Tom Anderson Guitarworks. Through this special promotion, our customers are able to enhance their playing experience and capture the truest voice of their new Tom Anderson guitars.”

Featuring a patent-pending design, Elixir™ Cables delivers the most tonally transparent instrument cables. These innovative guitar cables deliver the truest voice of your guitar by providing clearer high frequencies, and smoother, more balanced mids. Featuring a unique combination of extreme durability and flexible, non-twist memory for superior performance and easy, efficient use, the robust cables’ branded plugs include custom grip housings for sure handling.

The Tom Anderson/Elixir™ Cables promotion is available at all retail locations that sell Tom Anderson Guitarworks guitars. To receive the complimentary Elixir™ Cable, a postcard will be enclosed within the Tom Anderson Guitarworks case, which will require the model’s serial number before it is mailed to Elixir® Strings for redemption.