MusicLab Ships DrumTools Performance Designer

MusicLab has released their DrumTools Performance Designer software, the successor to the SlicyDrummer and Fill-in Drummer MIDI plug-ins.

DrumTools Performance Designer is a virtual instrument for Windows allowing for instant creation of 1-8 measure drum performances including drum/percussion loops, fills, intros, endings, solo, and then simply trigger them by MIDI notes from your sequencer to easily turn separate performances into complete drum track perfectly matching your song.

DrumTools Performance Designer features:

  • 8-measure drum sequencer
  • SlicyDrummer and Fill-in Drummer intelligent drum part generating MIDI plug-ins
  • Unique real-time drum performance customizing algorithms
  • Sub-hosting any third party soft synth and sampler for drum sounds
  • VSTi, DXi, and stand-alone run
  • Full synchronization with host sequencer (tempo, start/stop)
  • 12 Parts/pads triggered by MIDI notes from host sequencer
  • Total visualization of all performed material (beats/notes, position cursor, edits)
  • Import third party MIDI files
  • MIDI file and Audio file Export, Drag'n'Drop and Copy/Paste

DrumTools Performance Designer is available now for Windows XP (a VST2 or DXi host is required). A version for Mac OS X is planned.

For more information, visit their web site at