Musicrow releases Drum Queen VSTi for Windows PC

Drum Queen is a virtual drum machine that produces purely synthesized sounds. Based on a sophisticated synthesis engine and using a variety of synthesis techniques, Drum Queen is able to produce a wide range of percussive tones. Drum Queen is built of 10 synthesizers, each of them was especially designed to produce a specific drum sound. These synthesizers are much more advanced then the sound generators you would usually find in a classic drum machine, resulting with a fresh great sounding drum tones. Drum Queen makes an extensive use of velocity to modify the sound timbre i.e. a harder hit can sound very different then a softer one, and the rhythm is much more dynamic and natural.

Main Features:
- Enhanced control of instruments' sound. All sounds are fully programmable
- 75 Drum Kits included
- 12 percussion sounds per set
- Each drum tone has a separate sound generator
- Subtractive, additive, FM, and physical modeling synthesis techniques are all taking part in building the drum sounds.
- Digital distortion and analog saturation are part of the synthesis process
- Velocity changes the sound timbre to add a natural feel to the instruments
- Separate output for each instrument