MusicXPC releases Professional C3 & C4

New from MusicXPC are the Professional C3 and Professional C4, state-of-the-art media production computers specifically designed for audio professionals such as musicians, producers and composers. The computers are designed by Les Bateman, an industry veteran and Hammond B3 ace who has been in the studio business for more than 30 years.

Professional C3 and C4 are Windows-based computers specially “tweaked” for media production. The computers are configured from the BIOS up to flawlessly handle music applications running dozens of audio tracks, effects and virtual instruments.

The Professional C3 features a 1MB cache Intel® Pentium® 4 processor running at 3.0 GHz on an 800 MHz front side bus Intel 865G-based motherboard. The machine comes with 512MB of DDR-400 RAM, a 16X DVD-/+RW and two separate 7200RPM hard drives providing a total of 280GB of storage. The hard drives [120GB and 160GB] have 8MB cache for fast throughput and high track counts.

The Professional C4 features a 1MB cache 3.2 GHz Intel® Pentium® 4 processor on an 800MHz front side bus Intel 875P-based motherboard. The C4 ships with 1GB of DDR400 RAM as standard and a 16X DVD-/+RW, 320GB of hard disk storage split over two 7200RPM 8MB-cache drives, Gigabit LAN and dual VGA outputs.

The Professional C3 and C4 come with virtually all popular interfaces, ports and connectors including FireWire®, USB 2.0, 8x AGP, PCI and S/PDIF.

Both computers feature an innovative Heat-pipe technology which ferries heat away from the CPU without the use of the large noisy fans that usually perform this task. The result is very quiet computer operation, ideal for music production and recording spaces.

“The first MusicXPC was so quiet most people couldn’t believe that it was ON, now this generation is even quieter. Also the new backup system puts these systems in a class by themselves. We are happy to be able to provide creative people with tools like this so they can keep their minds focused on producing art,” says Chief Technology Officer Les Bateman.

The C3 and C4 come with the most comprehensive back-up and restore utility available on any media computer to date. This system allows the user to restore the computer to factory settings or other user-created states even after a catastrophic failure, a drive crash or even re-formatting. The factory state is stored in an invisible part of the main hard drive. This feature will minimize downtime caused by system failures in the studio.

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