The innovative MXL DX-2® Variable Dynamic Instrument Microphone, built specifically to mic electric guitar amps and speaker cabinets, won the award for its unique application and economical price.

Anaheim, CA – MXL Microphones is pleased to announce its acceptance of the Electronic Musician 2018 Editor’s Choice Award for its innovative new MXL DX-2® Microphone, a dual-capsule variable dynamic microphone that lets you “dial in” your sound for electric instrument amplifiers and speakers.


For 26 years, Electronic Musician’s editors have selected the best of the best music technology products and showcased them in the February issue. A team of eight editors, each with decades of experience reviewing gear, direct their insight to picking truly award-worthy products. The editors had this to say about the DX-2, “What made the DX-2 a winner this year is that it delivers a clean, solid sound with its dual-mic configuration for less than a C-note. Now that’s a reason to celebrate!”

Mike Levine, one of the Electronic Musician Editor’s Choice Award committee editors, also wrote a full review of DX-2.


The MXL DX-2 is the first dual-capsule dynamic microphone that lets you tailor the sound from one capsule to the other and all points in between, so you can easily customize your sound. The DX-2 features a unique flat-faced design and variable control knob for blending tone between the two distinctly different capsules.

The front of the microphone is a flat-faced, side-address design with high SPL tolerance for placing the microphone capsules close to the sound for optimal pickup. The back side of the DX-2 features an innovative crossfade knob, making real-time adjustments a breeze.

Capsule 1’s super cardioid large capsule design captures the warmth and fullness of your instrument, while Capsule 2’s cardioid small capsule offers superb mid-range and high-end detail. MXL designed it with a sturdy all-metal body construction for enhanced durability to withstand extended on-stage use and internal MOGAMI® wiring for pure clarity.


About MXL

MXL is a leading manufacturer of consumer and professional audio products for the recording, broadcast, post, production, and live sound markets. MXL is a division of Marshall Electronics, headquartered in Torrance, CA.