@NAMM 2015: Cerwin-Vega to Showcase XLS, SL and XD Series

Gibson Meeting Room 300B, Level 3
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Cerwin-Vega, a Gibson Brand, is set to deliver a stunning sonic experience, showcasing its SL Series Home Audio System, XLS Home Theater Audio System and its XD Desktop Speaker Series at the 2015 NAMM Show (Gibson Meeting Room 300B, Level 3). As a leading manufacturer in loudspeaker design, Cerwin-Vega! is known for their ground shaking bass and next-level performance, delivering high quality sound within any form factor.

Whether listening to a catchy tune, watching a blockbuster hit, or following the big game on your screen, the quality of a listener’s experience is defined by the sound. With a choice of six speakers and one subwoofer, the SL Series can be customized to fit any application, from personal listening environment to larger scale home cinema systems.

Similarly, there’s never a need to compromise on sound quality when designing the dream sound system for the home with Cerwin-Vega’s XLS Series. Packed with Cerwin-Vega’s legendary drivers, the XLS Series consists of six full range speakers, two subs and one center channel product. With its striking design, red surrounds built onto every driver and horn loaded midrange and tweeter design, the speakers set the tone of power, placing a hard emphasis on bass and power handling.

Alternatively, for those looking for all the power and punch of a home theater system in a portable, compact unit, Cerwin-Vega’s XD Series is made to maximize media entertainment. Unlike plastic multimedia speakers, XD Desktop Speakers feature wooden cabinets to ensure tight bass, which is essential for accurate media creation. Gamers will get goose bumps as they listen to the XDs bring the roaring engines and exploding bombs of their fiction fantasies to life on the screen, while EDM fanatics listen to the latest dance track and feel the music pulse through their veins with help from the XD Series’ engaging Vega-Bass enhanced EQ feature. If you want to go lower in frequency, you can combine any XD speaker with the XD8S Subwoofer, coming with a slick desktop remote control. The XD Speakers fit for any budget or footprint,
feature mature sound and multiple input connections to ensure easy setup.

Mackenzie Gavel
D. Pagan Communications