@NAMM 2015: HK Audio USA Delivers Lucas Nano 600

Versatile for a Wide Variety of Applications
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HK Audio USA Delivers Lucas Nano 600; the World’s First Crossover PA

Anaheim, CA– January 22, 2015- - Continuing its commitment to excellence and innovation in sound, HK Audio USA has launched the Lucas Nano 600 for the U.S. market. Lucas Nano 600 is the world's first crossover PA; building upon the compact size, unique form factor and outstanding sound quality that made the Lucas Nano 300 a must-have portable P.A.

HK Audio has always challenged the status quo, and the Lucas Nano is no exception. Where most stereo portable PA systems are comprised of bulky speaker-mounted full-range bins, and most mono systems consisting of a large array plus a sub, Lucas Nano 600 relies on a pair of small, unbelievably powerful (up to 123 dB) and back-saving satellite speakers for the high and midrange frequencies. The satellites are powered by a dedicated subwoofer with a mixer and frequency shaping controls built right in. This allows the Lucas Nano to remain incredibly versatile for a wide variety of applications, yet packs down into a small cube. This allows the whole system to be carried away easily with just one hand.

The Lucas Nano 600 may be used either as a space-saving mono or stereo system by adding the desired speaker pole set. Both configurations produce remarkably detailed sound with wide dispersion. In addition, two Lucas Nano 600s can be paired to create an even more powerful PA, and mixers on each sub duplex to double your mixer inputs. “This flexibility makes Lucas Nano 600 a superior alternative to conventional full range cabinets and columnar speaker systems for many applications”, said James Sajeva, Product Manager of HK Audio.

One of the new technologies in the Lucas Nano 600 is the MultiCell Transformer, which helps maximize sound pressure gain, improve directivity and minimize high-frequency distortion. Utilizing a sophisticated simulation technology, the LUCAS NANO 600 has a lightweight subwoofer housing with the bass response of a heavy wood enclosure.

“Lucas Nano 600 offers everything the modern performer needs. And with so much flexibility, the system can easily be used around the home for entertaining. That’s why we call it the world’s first crossover system,” James Sajeva said.

About HK Audio

Company founders (and brothers) Hans and Lothar Stamer began producing their own loudspeaker cabinets in 1979 in a small shop in southwestern Germany. Soon, the reputation of their products for craftsmanship and performance spread, prompting them to expand operations. Along the way, they served as original equipment manufacturer to some of the most revered international names in pro audio. Over time, they developed and manufactured professional touring systems for larger and larger venues, including audiences of 50,000 and more. Today, with a world-class production facility in St. Wendel, German, HK Audio has firmly established itself as one of the most distinguished names in professional sound reinforcement in Europe. http://hkaudio.us/index.php