@NAMM 2015: MV Pro Audio Adds 5 Great New Lines

Booth 6809, Hall A
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MV Pro Audio Adds 5 Great New Lines!

Come See Us at NAMM, Booth 6809, Hall A

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Pintech Percussion is a premier American manufacturer of electronic and acoustic percussion equipment, including drums, cymbals, triggers, accessories, and acoustic-to-electronic conversion kits. Voted "Best in Show" for "Companies to Watch" at NAMM 2014. Watch us fly in 2015!

See more at www.pintechworld.com

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Soyuz Microphones are both stunning visually and sonically awesome! Entirely handmade in Russia, these valve condensers are holding their own and more against the best of the best "go-to" mics, and earning high praise from Grammy award-winning producers &

engineers such as Nigel Godrich, who bought two for his new Radiohead album project. The large diaphragm SU-017 is now shipping, and is joined at the show by the stellar new SU-011 small diaphragm condenser. A must see and hear!

See more at www.soyuzmicrophones.com

SBS Designs defines the state of the art in analog processing and amplification. Founder/designer Craig "Shorty" Burnabeu is an engineer and audiophile devoted to the pursuit of excellence in analog live and studio sound. From the amazing ISO-Q2 Isolator for live DJ performance to the the SP1-PRO 2UBE studio bus processor to the full line of installation and live sound power amps, SBS Designs carries the audio magic through from the source to the listener.

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See more at www.sbsdesigns.com

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Reftone designs and manufactures passive near-field reference monitors that expose critical sonic details often masked by today's powered monitors. Use Reftones to check your sound during all stages of audio production---tracking, mixing, editing and mastering---in virtually any professional,project, or broadcast application.

See more at http://www.reftone.com/

Drum Tension Rod Locking System

Play Hard...Stay in Tune!
At last, the age-old problem of drums going out of tune from loosening tension rods is solved...forever!New patented Rimshot-Locs is the first tension rod locking system that really works, with all-metal, solid brass construction that locks your rim, tension rods, and drumshell into a rock-solid system that stays in tune---hit, after hit, after hit.

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This winning solution is perfect for virtually every drummer, and can be used
on both acoustic kit drums and mesh-head electronic drums. Three available shoulder sizes and two thread-pitches ensure Rimshot-Locs' compatibility with drums from virtually all major manufacturers, including DW and PDP.

See more at www.rimshot-Locs.com