@NAMM 2015: Novation Introduces Launchpad Pro

The Professional Grid Performance Instrument
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Introducing Novation Launchpad Pro, the Professional Grid Performance Instrument

The NAMM Show, Anaheim, CA, January 22, 2015 – Since 2009, Launchpad from Novation (booth 6464) has been the iconic grid instrument for Ableton Live. Its 8 x 8 grid of pads has become ubiquitous with the recent evolution in the creation of electronic music. Now, Novation takes its innovation one step further with the Launchpad Pro: the best and simplest way to create dynamic, expressive musical performances.

This professional grid instrument gives the classic Launchpad a total overhaul. Enhanced with RGB LED feedback, and velocity and pressure-sensitive pads, Launchpad Pro brings limitless expression and creativity to your music. It has also been specifically designed to keep you focused on your performance: easily and immediately apply effects, dip in and out of specific mixer controls at the touch of a button, and switch between four key modes.

• Session Mode: immediately trigger and combine your clips.

• Note Mode: create dynamic beats and play the grid just like an instrument.

• Device Mode: easily apply effects to your performance.

• User Mode: create unique custom performances and layouts

Create Expressive Performances

This is an instrument designed for live performance. The new RGB pads light up to match the color of your clips in Ableton Live, so you can see at a glance, which clips are playing. In Note Mode, Launchpad Pro automatically switches the layout for drum or instrument devices. With drums, all your sounds are available, spread across the whole 8 x 8 grid. With instruments, the grid illuminates as a chromatic keyboard, enabling you to easily play notes, melodies, and chords.

You can use the grid to play any of your music software and external hardware too – with Standalone Mode. It doesn't matter which software you are using: plug it straight into Logic Pro, for example, and play it like a keyboard; connect the MIDI ports to your Bass Station II and play riffs on your grid. The possibilities are endless.

Stay Focused

Launchpad Pro is much more than an instrument. It also gives you slick, immediate access to all your mixer controls mid-performance, so you stay in your flow. There’s no need to enter a separate mixer mode – simply press and hold a mixer function button (like mute or volume), make a change, and then release the button to drop straight back into your performance.

You can control any effect or instrument mid-performance to add engaging, expressive effects like reverb, beat repeats and filters. For super smooth effect transitions, the button grid also turns into eight velocity-sensitive vertical faders, with LED feedback - the harder you hit the pad, the faster the transition.

Plug In and Get Started

Launchpad Pro is just as sleek, lightweight, and tough as the rest of the Novation Launch range. Plus, it can be chained to multiple other Launch products, or connected to the rest of your studio or live setup.

It comes with everything you need to get started, including cables and software, and can be bus-powered over USB. It’s also class compliant and doesn’t need any drivers; just install the software, plug in and start performing.

Launchpad Pro at a Glance
1. Integrate seamlessly with Ableton Live
2. Control a variety of other music software and external hardware
3. Play using RGB pads that match the color of your clips
4. Create expressive beats on drum racks spread across the whole 8 x 8 grid
5. Easily play notes, melodies and chords on an illuminated chromatic keyboard
6. Get immediate, slick access to all your mixer controls
7. Control your effects and instrument mid-performance
8. Download and control a growing library of Max for Live devices
9. Compact, lightweight, tough and bus-powered
10. Comes with everything you need to start

Launchpad Pro will be available Spring 2015, with a US MAP of $299.99.

Novation Launchpad Pro Promo: http://youtu.be/0KX3Us11LrY

About Novation:

Founded in 1992, Novation is often credited for creating the first dedicated MIDI controller: the MM10. The popular Bass Station and Drum Station analog synths followed this. They were then joined by their first technical director, Chris Huggett, who had worked on the initial products in his spare time: his first big project at Novation was the Supernova, which rapidly became a go-to synthesizer for artists of the time. Success continued with the Nova and SuperNova II. Novation became part of the Focusrite family in August 2004. With the increasing importance of software in the synthesizer field, Novation expanded its range of keyboard controllers and other innovative control surfaces for musicians and producer/performers, fully integrated with powerful software to form the perfect range of gear to play, create and perform music. Novation gear is designed by musicians and producers who use the gear they design every day. That’s why bedroom producers and A-list artists alike use Novation kit: it’s been designed by and for musicians. From studio to stage, Novation frees you to make your music, your way – like never before.

Novation is exhibiting at booth 6464 at The 2015 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California.