@NAMM 2015: Ploytec Synthesizer „πλ² Pi L Squared“ Leukos is Available

Ploytec's New Duophonic USB Synthesizer
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NAMM 2015 - Ploytec Synthesizer

„πλ² Pi L Squared“ Leukos is available

Ploytec's new duophonic USB synthesizer at NAMM, Hall A #6424

Explanatory Video available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsm1Y5GbuUE

Ploytec GmbH/ Germany (Jan 21st) (ictw) – Ploytec, the german makers of ultra small footprint footprint synthesizers „they say the best things come in small packages“ at NAMM 2015 release a new variation of this concept: the Ploytec „πλ² Pi L Squared“ Leukos synth. Dressed in white, it exclusively works with a computer or iPad® (camera connection kit required) when attached via USB to its micro-USB connector. It also features an additional individual MIDI output, e.g. for connecting the original (black) Ploytec „πλ² Pi L Squared“.

At Ploytec’s NAMM booth in Hall A booth #6424 visitors can also take a look at the brand new iPad® πλ² synth editor and see a preview of the upcoming firmware V2.1. The new firmware allows not only for higher filter resolution, MIDI portamento control and legato playing, it also (finally) enables the πλ² to map its numerous MIDI controllers via the software editor. This means musicians no longer have to match the πλ² MIDI controller numbers, instead now the πλ² can easily be set to match the musician’s existing MIDI rig.

Further Information you can find on the Ploytec synth product page: http://www.ploytec.com/pl2

Follow Ploytec on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/PLsquared

About Ploytec GmbH:
Markus Medau, a developer and keyboardist with the Berlin band Edit_H, born in 1972, joined forces in 1999 with Werner Wirsum, an information scientist born in 1968, to develop USB ASIO drivers. It all began with Cubase, a computer, and the lack of an audio input. Reputable manufacturers soon secured licenses (Apogee, SoundDevices, TerraTec, and Yamaha, later followed by Access, Alesis, Lexicon, Numark, Steinberg, Tascam and others). Kicking off their hardware business in early 2004 with the founding of Ploytec GmbH, the entrepreneurs are now busy developing USB3.0 audio hardware and software.