@NAMM 2015: PSPaudioware Introduces PSP L’otary

14 Day Demo Version Available
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Dear users,

We are proud to introduce our new effect plug-in: PSP L’otary - a master quality emulation of legendary rotary speakers! We based our algorithm upon two original and legendary models: the Leslie® 122 and 147, and spent hundreds of hours perfecting our simulations. In other words, this is not just another modulation effect! PSP L’otary is capable of reproducing as precisely as possible the classic sounds of those famous rotary speakers. That said, the PSP L’otary is capable of creative divergences from the original. For example, you could set up both the rotating high frequency horn and the rotating low frequency drum independently from each other and emulate speakers with a static drum or even a broken horn or drum engine.

Try the PSP L'otary on your own material using fully featured 14 days demo version available on our download page. (Please note that PSP L’otary needs to run on at least a i5-class CPU for crackle-free operation. i7 or better CPU recommended). To see the PSP L'otary in action you can visit our booth 6909 at the Winter NAMM show, which began today or watch the short movie on our YouTube channel.

Introductory offer!
Until 31st January 2015 you can buy PSP L’otary at the special introductory price of $69*. Starting from 1st February 2015 the regular price of $99* will be applied. (* all prices exclude taxes)
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Warm regards from sunny Huntington Beach, California
Antoni Ozynski & Mateusz Wozniak

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The PSP L'otary is so great that I'm thinking of selling my Model 120 Leslie. It's not only the best rotary sim, it's one of the best rotary cabinet sounds I've ever used. Amazing!
Hank Linderman, American engineer, producer and musician
The Eagles, Chicago, Don Henley, Timothy B. Schmit, Robert Lamm ...

I have to say, I think PSP "nailed it" on the L'otary plug-in. I've owned Hammonds and Leslies for years, including the old 122 I've played a '51 C2 through on tons of records. But these days, when so much is done "in the box", I've wanted a way to get the same sound with VIs and recorded tracks. Now I can. And the beauty is, you can run anything through it. Organ, Wurly, Clapton style guitar, Lennon style vocals, synths, pretty much anything you would want to hear through a real one, sounds great through L'otary. I'm particularly impressed with both the realism and the adjust-ability included. There's mike positions & distance, ambiance, ramp up and down speeds, amp types, crunch and distortion, and my favorite, a knob for bringing in the mechanical noise that a real one makes as motors turn and wind hits the microphones. Awesome!
Steve Nathan, American keyboardist, pianist and songwriter
Kelly Clarkson, Bon Jovi, the Beach Boys, Carrie Underwood, Etta James, Lionel Richie ...

The new PSP L'otary - rotary cabinet simulator plug-in is the most authentic Leslie cabinet sound I've ever heard. I've used it as an insert on a track and also as an effect to send to a track. Either way, it has the sound and feel of having a real leslie cabinet in the room. The bar has been raised!
Kenny Greenberg, American producer, guitarist and songwriter
Grammy Award for Best Rock Gospel Album, Academy of Country Music Award for Guitar Player of the Year

Wow, this new PSP L'otary plug-in is incredible, very subtle and real and can be used - as is - as a direct Leslie rotating horn replacement. I should note this plugin is very sweet sounding, so depending on the microphones you would normally mic a physical studio Leslie with, you may want to post EQ slightly in the case of getting a slightly screechier top horn sounds that typical live performance PA SM57s give. Very real and a great sounding piece of software. All in all, another "A" level plugin from the PSP VintageWarmer guys in Poland. Kudos!
George Daly, American music executive, video and music producer, songwriter and musician, CEO About Records - About Songs
The Cars, Janis Joplin, Carlos Santana, The Tubes, Tool …