@NAMM 2015: Source Audio to Debut SoulMate MIDI Foot Controller

Generate Up to 7 Customizable MIDI Messages Per Patch
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Well, this time next week we'll be neck deep in NAMM - oh my. If you're going, come visit us - we're in booth #5498.

So...we've already talked about the Neuro Effects System, our overarching concept of a modular MIDI controlled pedalboard with seamless integration between all its pieces. We've already talked about the Reflex Universal Expression Controller, the one expression pedal that can handle all of your expression duties. We've already talked about some of our new One Series pedals, amazing pedals that stand strong all by themselves, but are Neuro compatible and can be finely tweaked with the Mac/Windows Neuro Effects Editor. We've discussed the Neuro Loop Switcher which adds loop switching capabilities and the opportunity to incorporate vintage analog gear into your MIDI board. We've talked about the Source Audio Hub that connects all these pieces together and saves up to 128 presets. Now we need a controller, a simple yet powerful MIDI foot controller to efficiently pilot the entire Neuro Effects System. Enter the SoleMate MIDI Foot Controller...

Trust us, this thing will make your life much easier. It's got 3 control modes (Scroll, Bank, and Sequence modes). It can generate up to 7 customizable MIDI messages per patch, and it's possible to name each patch via the SoleMate Software Editor. It works as a stand-alone hardware MIDI controller, plus it has a USB port to control audio software...and of course, it's perfect for controlling the Neuro System. Yeah, it's powerful.

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