Native Instruments Intakt

Objective: Customize “beat machine” loops via MIDI editingBackground: Rhythmic sample-library loops are often mapped into Intakt’s “beat machine,” which slices audio into small pieces (like REX files) to allow for high-quality time stretching. However, if you use Intakt with a MIDI-compatible host, you needn’t be locked into when and how the slices play back — you can drive them with MIDI data. We’ll do this with Cubase SX3, but the same principle applies to other hosts.

1. Click on any Intakt key that plays back a beat machine-sliced loop (or an individual slice from the loop). The beat machine label turns blue and the main display shows the slices.

2. Click on Intakt’s Command menu and select Export Midifile.

3. Locate where you saved the MIDI file, then import it into a MIDI track in the host program. This is usually done by “drag and drop” (as shown), or via a File > Import menu command.

4. The MIDI file now shows up as MIDI data within the host’s MIDI track.

5. Make sure the MIDI track output is assigned to the Intakt instrument.

6. Open the MIDI track in an editing view, and edit the file as desired — move slices around, copy, transpose, delete, and so on. On playback, this edited data will now trigger the slices in Intakt’s loop.