Native Instruments introduces REAKTOR SPARK


Native Instruments has just introduced REAKTOR SPARK, a KORE SOUNDPACK
based on the new "Spark" performance synthesizer designed by NI founder
and REAKTOR mastermind Stephan Schmitt. With a strong focus on
distinctive tone and genuine musical expressiveness, REAKTOR SPARK is
both an outstanding library addition for REAKTOR users as well as a
powerful instrument and sound library for KORE 2 and the free KORE PLAYER.

Spark was designed by Stephan Schmitt as a personal project over the
course of three years, with the goal to create a synthesizer with a
highly energetic sound character and maximum potential for real-time
expression. Completely realized in Native Instruments' groundbreaking
modular synthesis studio REAKTOR, Spark expertly combines powerful
subtractive synthesis with a sophisticated array of internal feedback
loops and various other special sound shaping features. This allows its
distinctive sonic output to cut through any musical arrangement with
vivid, animated and organic tones, which are especially gratifying when
played live with a keyboard and a set of real-time parameter controls.

The REAKTOR SPARK sound pack built around Spark makes this powerful
synthesizer conveniently accessible for users of KORE 2 and the free
KORE PLAYER, providing 200 versatile presets as well as intuitive sound
tweaking options through the unified KORE interface. Owners of REAKTOR
have access to the full set of Spark's parameter and control elements,
and can also explore and modify the complete signal flow structure of
this extraordinary instrument.

REAKTOR SPARK is available for download purchase in the NI Online Shop
for a suggested retail price of $59 / 49 EUR.

Additional information on REAKTOR SPARK including audio demos is
available at