Native Instruments Introduces Super 8 Polysynth

The new Reaktor-based virtual instrument takes vintage polysynths into the future
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With the analog polysynth craze in full gear these days ($19,000 Roland Jupiter-8 we're talking to you), Native Instruments have released a new virtual instrument that may be the cure to your current vintage cravings.

The company's new Super 8 polysynth is a Reaktor-based instrument that runs in either Reaktor 6 or the free Reaktor 6 player. It's an eight-voice instrument with over 350 presets that cover a wide range of pads, leads and beyond.

Super 8 features an intuitive GUI with sliders that allow to you blend up to four waveforms for each of the two oscillators. The oscillators can be mixed, and you can sync them and add FM oscillation for digital crunch. You also can process with low-pass, band-pass, or high-pass filtering and more.

Super 8 is available now for Mac and PC for $69.

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