Native Instruments Releases NAAFI Documentary

Film Explores the Role of NAAFI in Greater Mexican Club Scene
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Native Instruments today released an original documentary feature on NAAFI – a Mexican artist collective, party promotion crew, and record label with a future-focused perspective on club music. The film aims to introduce the larger music community to the new sound rising from the underground club scene in Mexico and features interviews with the artists and label bosses that make up the NAAFI collective.

NAAFI is forging a new sound that is beginning to make waves in the larger Mexican music scene. This Native Instruments original video provides a glimpse into the rich music and art culture being created by label bosses Tomás Davó, Alberto Bustamante, and Paul Marmota, and a growing list of label artists including Lao, Imaabs, Smurphy, OMAAR, Zutzut. Inspired by Ritmos Perificos (outsider rhythms), NAAFI discovers and continues to expand their own musical language by combining sound, visual art, and culture with a spirit of pure experimentation. The film gives direct access to the artists and creators at the forefront of this creative realm.

An exclusive playlist showcasing the NAAFI artists featured in the video and on the label is being released along with the documentary on Spotify.

The video is available at:
The Native Instruments exclusive Spotify playlist is available at:

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