Native Instruments Reveals New Traktor Kontrol S8

All-in-One DJ Controller
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Native Instruments reveals new TRAKTOR KONTROL S8 all-in-one DJ system

Berlin, September 22, 2014 ­ Native Instruments today reveals its new flagship all-in-one DJ controller ­ TRAKTOR KONTROL S8. Shot on location in Ibiza, a new video features high profile artists offering their first impressions of TRAKTOR KONTROL S8 and serves as an enticing preview of the cutting-edge DJ controller.

Since the advent of digital audio, new technology has been a driving force in stimulating creativity in DJs and has challenged the limitations of previous mediums ­ transforming the art of DJing at an accelerated pace. Driven by this very spirit of creativity through innovation since first released in 2001, TRAKTOR again introduces inspiring new technology designed for the next generation of DJing.

TRAKTOR DJing software and hardware have successfully merged elements of live improvisation and DJ performance ­ redefining what it means to DJ.Empowering DJs to create their own signature style is what consistently fuels the TRAKTOR vision of digital DJing ­ and is the foundation of TRAKTOR KONTROL S8.

Full details to come soon.

The video introducing TRAKTOR KONTROL S8 is available at:

About Native Instruments:

Native Instruments is a leading manufacturer of software and hardware for computer-based music production and DJing. The company's mission is to develop innovative, fully integrated solutions for all professions, styles and genres. The resulting products regularly push technological boundaries and open up new creative horizons for professionals and amateurs alike.