NaviPlay Bluetooth Stereo Kit for iPod + naviPro eX Wireless Remote

($239, $49.95,
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OK. These little geegaws, these wee gimcracks, these teeny stocking stuffers have absolutely nothing to do with making music, recording music, producing music at all. This is pure end product use action, which, insofar as it affects HOW the music you record is listened to, might interest you. OR you could be like us: suckers for geegaws, gimcracks, and tiny stocking stuffers.

And these qualify as all three. Whilst augmenting the powerful mass reducing mania that is the iPod, the machine that lets you listen to 10,000 of the most seminal tunes of your life (sorry, Brian), these naviPlay things unleash you from the device itself.


Or at least it was before the Nano and the Motorola ROKR made this sort of a “so what?” moment. So it’s a weird kind of paradox: If you’re an early adopter you already own a Nano and won’t need something that makes this business card-sized jukebox wireless. If you’re not an early adopter, you probably won’t buy this either.

But that does NOT matter.

These Macworld Best of Show 2005 items look cool, and add a functionality that works well for us at a . . . wait a minute: suggested retail price of $239?!?! Suggested is right. As in: We suggest you lower that price to the much more affordable $49.95 that they’re charging for the wireless remote. Cool item, good geegaw for someone you’d like to spend a lot of dough on.