New 907A Filter Bank Plug-In from Audio Damage

Audio Damage has announced the availability of the 907A Fixed Filter Bank plug-in for VST and AudioUnits hosts. This plug-in is a recreation of the Moog Modular Synthesizer''s 907A module, and it creates a variety of tonal effects by passing its input signal through eight band-pass filters, one low-pass filter and one high-pass filter.

The 907A is a subtle effect, capable of adding luster to pads, and giving percussive and lead synth sounds a vocal quality. It is an excellent tool for the sound designer's palette, simple to use yet capable of complex and unique timbres.


  • 24db Low-pass and high-pass filters.
  • Eight fixed-frequency band-pass filters.
  • True stereo operation.
  • Low CPU usage.
  • Full MIDI learn mode, for MIDI CC control of every control (VST only; handled by host in AU version)

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