New Accessories And Ship Date For The ATS-1 (Analog Tape Simulator)

AnaMod will demonstrate two new analog plugin cards for the ATS-1 (analog tape simulator) at New York AES. The first one is a model of the Ampex 351 tape machine and the second one is for Scotch 111 tape. Greg Gualtieri says, "It's amazing to be able to hear the classic combination of 111 tape and a tube tape machine. So much of our musical culture was recorded this way and it gives me chills to hear it brought back via our analog models." The two new cards will ship Q1, 2008 with price to be determined.

Also to be announced at AES is the availability of the ATS-1 which will begin shipping on November 1st, 2007. The ATS-1, price $2,995.00, is available directly from AnaMod in the US and via distribution overseas.

Orders are currently being accepted on the ATS-1.

Greg and Dave will demo the ATS-1 along with the new tape machine and tape stock model cards in AES booth #1018 on October 5th through the 8th. For more information contact Greg Gualtieri or Dave Amels at (201) 728-8490 or email, or visit for photos and more information.