New Book Brings Secrets of Great Sound to Budget-Minded Home Recordists

Guerrilla Home Recording details an innovative approach to the art and science of recording music, aimed at musicians who didn’t attend engineering school and who don’t own pricey recording gear.
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It discusses techniques—from standard to creative and unusual—that allow musicians to create professional-quality recordings using minimal or even outdated tools, while teaching readers everything they need to know to produce great-sounding CDs, and exposing common misconceptions about the recording process.

Author Karl Coryat breaks down the process by showing how to think in terms of three simple “dimensions of sound,” and then explains step-by-step how to achieve amazingly clean recordings with maximum impact. This book—and not $10,000 in new equipment—is all that’s required to make instruments sound crisp and distinct in a mix, make drum programs and sequences sound like they were played live, get the most out of a limited number of tracks or mixer channels, and much more.

A writer, musician, and digital-recording devotee, Karl Coryat is a founding editor and regular contributor of Bass Player magazine.

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